About NOTSTR8.tv

Launched in March 2012, NOTSTR8.tv is a LGBTQ-focused podcast and live internet television network. Our goal is to enrich the LGBTQ community by providing content that is informative, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining.

NOTSTR8.tv currently produces five shows: Counter Cultural, NOTSTR8 Talk, Transition Radio TV, The Eddieoke Show, and T Time with Georgia Bea. We broadcast these shows live when we record them, and you can watch then though our streaming partners Bambuser, Vaughn, Justin.tv, and USTREAM.

All our shows are free. NOTSTR8.tv is supported by advertising and viewer donations. A small donation through Paypal keeps us afloat and shows your support for what we’re trying to do.

About the Founder

Joe KrinockJoe Krinock is the founder of NOTSTR8.tv. Joe has been involved with communications since high school, where he helped develop and produce his high school’s live daily newscast. After high school, he embarked on a multimedia career working as a webmaster of an internet provider in St. Augustine, Florida. He returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the early 2000’s and worked for Abacus Television, Bruno-Goodworth Network, and most recently for Viacom and CBS Television. All during this time, he also freelanced as a web designer, producing web design and multimedia for various clients. Prior to the formation of NOTSTR8.tv, he was the co-host and producer of the Andy & Joe Show, a podcast dedicated to irreverent pop culture fun.

More Information

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For any other questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!